Funeral homes and mortuaries respond to a viral video showing Asante Akyem mourners carrying a body.

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The Health Institutions and Facilities Act, 2011 (Act 829) of the Ministry of Health created the Mortuaries and Funeral Facilities Agency (MoFFA), which has strongly denounced a video that has gone viral on social media that depicts Asante Akyem mourners mishandling a corpse during funeral rites.

MoFFA released a press release expressing their shock at the footage of young people carrying a dead body without a casket on their shoulders.

According to MoFFA, these passing rituals are rude and undignified, and the conduct seen in the film goes against the seriousness that is anticipated during funeral rites.

The Agency views the acts shown as a clear transgression of its principles, which include licencing, supervising, and regulating all establishments engaged in the storage, transportation, and disposal of human remains.

The Agency warned the public that such behaviour is against the Criminal and Other Offences Act, 1960 (Act 29) Section 285 in addition to public health and safety regulations.

According to this clause, it is a misdemeanour that carries a fine or jail sentence if one impedes the authorised burial of a deceased person or causes injury to one without authorization.

According to MoFFA, it is closely collaborating with all relevant parties to advance dignified and responsible burial customs throughout Ghana.

The Agency urged everyone to preserve and cherish the memory of their dead loved ones with the respect they deserve and called on the public to report any such heinous crimes for prompt action.

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