Ministry of Lands is the downfall of Ghana- Alhaji Alhassan Sayibu Suhuyini

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Ministry of Lands now a critical murder weapon destroying Ghana

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Tamale North Constituency, Alhaji Alhassan Sayibu Suhuyini has noted that the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources is now a critical murder weapon in a crime scene called Ghana that has to be critically examined.

He observes that illegal mining otherwise known as galamsey and the issue of fighting against the menace in Ghana is one of the biggest threats to the existence of the country.

The former Broadcast Journalist who spoke on the floor of Paeliament, said instead of defeating galamsey, the government has turnd the fight into a flagship of corruption which benefited appointees and other influential in the New Patrotic Party

He said “The widely circulated tape that, to wit party wants money, which was a recording of the minister at the time are all references that one can use to actually affirm the point that the charade to fight galamsey was really just flagship for corruption.

Mr Speaker, we are told that the inter-ministerial committe was allocated thirty million dollar for every quarter, and they operated for three quarters. After their work, all we have is that galamsey has become worse andd excavators havs flown into the thin air. Mr Speaker, one time the Ministry blew 5.5 million cedis on just touring and interacting with people on how to deal with galamsey. Another time one workshop, meeting to discuss cost the country 2.1 million cedis. I agree with the Chairman that it is disappointing that in the 39-page budget statement that the Finance Minister printed, not even one mention was made of galamesy,”

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He continued “Mr Speaker having raped our enviroment and tax in te name of fighting galamsey, they have now shifted their attention ot the Minerals Income Invstment fund. Mr Speaker after the good people of Ghana rose to save the funds which they initially wanted to use it for the Agyapa Transaction, they have craftily used the name small-scale miners’ incubators schee supposedly aimed at building the capacity and helping small scale miners unearth their potential. They cooked this scheme and allocated 100 million dollars to their small-scale miners who perhaps are no longer getting enough gold from their concessions. they have already been shortlised and polited even before paeliament conoder this proposal”


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