A little merchant in Kumasi was fatally stabbed.

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After reportedly stabbing a drug dealer to death following a brawl in Krofrom, a suburb of the Kumasi Metropolis, a PETTY merchant was apprehended.

The drug dealer Kofi Owusu allegedly ordered his boys to sell illicit substances at the same location where the 29-year-old petty trader George Mensah does business in Krofrom.

On June 28, 2024, at 1:50 p.m., Owusu once more dispatched his lads to sell narcotics at the location where Mensah does business. Then Mensah drove the lads of Owusu away.

Owusu was incensed by Mensah’s behaviour and went to the location to cause damage to a wooden structure that housed Mensah’s business activity.

This led to an open fight between Mensah and Owusu, during which the former is said to have fatally stabbed the latter with a sharp knife.

“At the crime site, investigation revealed that the dead was a drug dealer at Krofrom, and the suspect was a small-time trader in the same vicinity.

According to the allegations, the deceased often dispatches his boys to the location where the suspect sells narcotics. That when the deceased and his boys carried out the same deed on June 28, 2024, the suspect ejected them from the area.

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The deceased took offence at the suspect’s behaviour and went to destroy a wooden building that belonged to him and is where he conducts his business.

The two got into a heated argument that turned into a brawl in an open area adjacent to a public lavatory outside Nana Fordjuor’s palace.


“During that procedure, the suspect used a knife to stab the dead in the back, chest, and left chin. According to a police report, the deceased was taken to KATH after bleeding heavily and passed away later.

The body was discovered to have stab wounds, and the police also said that the suspect is being held in police custody and is helping with the investigation. The body has been placed at the mortuary.