Bia West: KG & JHS Students learning Under Trees with Reptiles[Video]

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Kindergarten and Junior High school students in Bia-ano, Eluokrom, Tigari, Mfantiman communities under the Bia West district had to close school on old hours during rainfall because of lack school blocks.

It’s devastating to know these children have to share in their classrooms with snakes and other harmful animals which has become a hindrance to their education.

Hon. Afful Louis, the assembly member of the Eluokrom area, says that a completed school block has left to rot in the bush while over eighty pupils have to share one block at Mfantiman.

Adding, lack of teaching staff at Tigari primary and JHS has pushed the community to voluntary sponsor some teachers to teach their children.

“We have some school block left in the bush to rot, but our children are schooling under trees and sharing classrooms with reptiles. At times we have to close school for the children to go home, especially during rainfall. Meanwhile, no one is eager to come to our aid. We are calling on NGOs, CSOs, etc to come to our aid to get school block and so that our children have studied under comfort environment,” he said.

He said that the Member of Parliament and the DCE have not bothered to pay attention to our calls after several petitions to them.”We are calling for prompt action from them now”.

##Call the assembly member, Hon. Louis Afful for details into the story on 0545808597

##Hon. Gyebi Bernard Blay, DCE on 0249318806

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