Very Sad President Kuffour’s Factory Left To 

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One of the commonest steps to make in uplifting a country’s national economy to a higher standard is the provision of job opportunities to its citizens. This is done by building factories to employ more citizens as well as formulating policies to put the citizens to work.
The incumbent government, prior to 2016 elections, promised a factory to each district in their manifesto.

Meanwhile, the only gari processing company in the Assin South district of the Central Region has been abandoned in the bush to rot despite the area having a larger number of its population unemployed. Unemployment rate in the district is on the rise after the collapse of the two timber companies as well as the gari processing company that were employing 90%of the youth in the area.

Assin South Women Gari Processing company in Nyankumasi Ahenkro was built under former president Kuffour’s regime, purposely to create employment opportunities for over ten thousand people ranging from the cassava growers to the gari sellers in the district.

Unfortunately, this factory has been left to rot making over ten thousand people who were depending on it to feed their families to be jobless.

This factory’s collapse has uprooted many questions to be answered by the Assin South District Assembly as to why the collapse and what they are doing to rejuvenate the factory to quench the increasing unemployment in the district.

Speaking to some of the former workers of the factory, they said the collapse has brought a huge burden on them because some of them are rendered homeless due to their inability to pay house rents and to meet the needs of their families hence, the collapse of their marriages. There were complaints that, many lives were lost due to the factory’s collapse since they could not afford their medical bills.

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According to them, they want the government to take advantage of its One District One factory project to help them erect the factory again to help the citizens in the district be employed.