Very soon Ghanaians can buy cars on credit card with Ghana card

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The Ghana Card and the country’s economic digitization would soon allow Ghanaians to purchase automobiles on credit.

Speaking on November 24, at the 57th Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) gathering, he stated that talks with several Ghanaian automakers are now taking place in that regard.

One such business that has consented to implement the plan, according to Bawumia, is Solar Taxi. He stated that all a buyer would need to complete the transaction is a Ghana Card.

In addition, a personal credit score would be introduced and made available to the public by the following year, according to Bawumia. By giving a reliable credit history of each individual, the system will cleanse the financial industry, eliminate the lack of trust that has driven up operating costs, and encourage stability.

“The Ghana Card will also become the anchor for a credit system in Ghana and it will take a couple of car manufacturers in Ghana notably Solar Taxi to give cars on credit to people,” he said. “All they will need at the point of transaction will be your Ghana card and they will give you a car and then you pay over time.“Ghana next year will be introducing a credit scoring system for individuals. Every individual will have a credit score. Right now our credit scoring system does not exist so we are seen as risky,” He said.

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