Wassa Ataase community In The Amenfi East Municipal Appeals For Support From The Gov’t And Investors

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With a population of more than 1,000 and over people, the community is one of the food baskets of the Municipal as the residents are into both commercial and peasant farming as well as business

In fact, the story of agriculture cannot be told without mentioning the Wassa Ataase community due to its significant contribution towards food production.

In spite of the potentials of the community, it is underdeveloped and deprived. The community is lacking numerous basic social amenities which is negatively affecting the standard of living of the residents.

Also negatively impacting the lives of the people is inadequate of electricity in the area. Though the have light but the community have grown and developed so they need electricity extension to boost power system in the town.

In an interview with the chief of Wassa Ataase traditional area, Nana Atta Essiem ii, they could not pinpoint project successive governments or assemblies had provided for them.

They, therefore, appealed to the government to provide basic amenities to improve their living condition.
This are the basic amenities they need,
community center, football pitch , electricity extension, proper school building and etc.

According to the Chief of the community, Wassa Ataase, said the continued neglect by successive governments could compel the community to boycott the coming 2024 elections.

He lamented the high rate of insecurity in the community, because of the absence of a police station in the community.

He, therefore, called on the assembly and the government to provide them with social amenities to help alleviate their plight. 

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Last but not the least, Nana Atta Essiem ii,
the chief of Ataase community and his elders stated that,
the entire community is doing all their possible best to support the community when it comes to development and the welfare of the people.

even just recently, with the help of the of Chief, elders and other concerned group in the town has organized a fundraising to start a new project and also to continue on finished projects including of the
modern palace they want to build for the traditional leaders.

Finally, they voiced out that there’s a huge plot of land the elders have reserved for developmental project, therefore calling on investors, Government, NGOs etc to come around with Nananom for free because Wassa Ataase community is one of the busy towns in the Wassa Amenfi East and also a good place for mining.

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Nana Atta Essiem ii(Chief) 0597816061

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