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The Government has one month ultimatum to pay us all the 9 months outstanding arrears. We do not want to have business with Addo Bawumia led government again

In November 2021, the coalition expressed our mistrust of the government renewed promised to “transition graduating participants on the NABCO program to the year you start program”, which was captured in paragraph 247 page 61, number Xii of the 2022 budget statement read by the finance minister in the same month NABCO contract ended

We even further stated that the YouStar promise to NABCO. Trainees was just to create a public smokescreen of a good intention and blindfold the beneficiaries who were aggrieved by the NPP government’s fractured failure and forfeiture of the earlier promise to transition NABCO participants to the mainstream works.

Now our anticipation has become the reality as our ground sampling and enquiries proven that, so far, none of NABCO beneficiaries who applied for YouStar grants was called for recent phase one of the grant disbursement, in fact, this YouStar program has been another fiscal machinery to pacify aggrieved NPP foot soldiers vis-à-vis resourcing the tall list of apparatchiks, family and friends of NPP government appointees.

We have already lose trust in Nana Addo/Bawumia led government. All we need now is our 9 months arrears fully settled as we don’t want to have any business to do with this government again.

Withal, we want to caution NPP government to put an end to hailing and praising non-functional NABCO schemes which didn’t accomplish the rational of which it was created in its nation budgets

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