The “Cook-a-thon embarrassment” cannot be repeated by the media”.- Information Minister

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To avoid bringing turmoil and shame upon the country, Information Minister Fatimatu Abubakar has advised the journalists to do their research and double-check any material they get before publishing.

She brought up a recent story of a chef in Ghana who called a press conference to announce that Guinness had acknowledged him as the cook-a-thon record holder. The story was carried by major national media channels without the necessary substantiation.

In a Monday interview with the media in Accra, Madam Abubakar said the problem was embarrassing for the nation and should never happen again.

The Minister claimed that major disputes or anarchy may break out in the nation if Chef Smith’s scenario occurred in the political sphere, particularly with regard to election-related issues.

“It is the duty of the media to confirm every material before it is published.Spreading lies puts us in danger of being anarchic, the speaker said.

Madam Abubakar announced that her Ministry would hold regional town hall meetings and exhibitions around the nation beginning at the end of July in an effort to decentralise government communication and educate the public about the initiatives it has carried out.
She stated that important government appointees and regional and sector ministers will be present at the town hall events to respond to inquiries from the public and media regarding government initiatives.
In addition to local concerns that the public is concerned about, the topics would include infrastructure related to roads, health, education, and water and sanitation.

With input for the government, the regional town hall meetings and exhibits would support accountability and openness with reference to government initiatives.

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