5 reasons your sweat smells so bad

The man smells armpits near the woman on the white background
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Many people think that perspiration is the source of body odour, however did you know that perspiration is odourless?

Body odour is not caused by perspiration; rather, it is produced by microbes that degrade sweat proteins. An excess of “bad bacteria” on the skin can cause an unpleasant odour.

Nonetheless, there are a number of potential causes of body odour. Among the factors are:

1. Anxiety

Apocrine and eccrine sweat glands are the two kinds found in your body. Sweating that stinks is a result of your body activating the apocrine glands when you are tight or agitated.

Did you know that stress may have a host of negative effects on the body, such as acne, poor sleep, and even changes in odour? To reduce stress, try engaging in peaceful and pleasant activities.

2. Alcohol and spicy meals

Beef, wine, and spicy meals may all change a person’s body odour.

In an investigation that was written up in Chemical Senses, one group consumed red meat while the other did not. Two weeks later, it was found that people found the non-meat group’s odour more appealing and pleasant than the red meat group’s.

The man smells armpits near the woman on the white background

3. Quitting antiperspirant abruptly

Compared to long-term deodorant users, long-term antiperspirant users typically have higher germs in their armpits few days after stopping usage.

When deodorant users quit using it, they smell better than those who use antiperspirant [dailynation].

In contrast to deodorant, stopping the usage of antiperspirant increased the amount of “smelly bacteria” in the human armpit microbiome, according to a 2016 study published in PeerJ.

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4. Signs of a more serious health issue.

An rapid shift in body smell can be caused by some medical conditions, such as hyperhidrosis.

Additionally, body odour might be a sign of a major underlying medical issue. Diabetics may detect an unpleasant smell. Additionally, bad breath may be a sign of renal and liver issues.

5. Apparel

Bad body odour can occasionally be caused by clothing that smells or that hasn’t been well cleaned and sun dried. Moreover, textiles that are too tight or unbreathable might retain perspiration and intensify the odour. Put on merino wool, cotton, and linen to enhance your natural aroma.

Remember to take frequent baths. See a doctor if you address all of the aforementioned issues and your scent persists.