60-year-old man accused of attempting to kill people spiritually burnt to death

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The Ahanta West Municipal Police Command in the Western Region has detained six people for allegedly lighting a 60-year-old man named Isaac Ansah on fire in the Achonwa neighbourhood.

As per Channel One TV, the sad incident that happened on Thursday, June 27, 2024, happened as a result of a mob’s reaction to accusations made by a local Achonwa community fetish priest.

The priest had told the village elders that there was a story that Isaac Ansah had given him the names of fourteen people in the community to be sacrificed.

Ansah had been living in the community for more than two years before to this occurrence because she had been accused of spiritually causing a resident’s death.
The late Ansah’s nephew, Mr. Frank Eshun, said Channel One News that community leaders Nana Ojandi, the Caretaker Chief, Godfred Cudjoe, the Assemblyman, the Fetish Priest, the Chief Fisherman, and two more were among the six people detained.

Mr. Eshun clarified that the discussion between Ansah and the town elders, which concluded without a settlement, was immediately preceded by the mob violence that led to his uncle’s terrible death. This infuriated the locals, who then assaulted him.

“To decide what they must do with my uncle, the Assemblyman and the Chief (Caretaker Chief) met with the community people in a magnificent durbar. To tell the Fetish Priest about what had transpired, they also called him. At that point, he claimed, “My uncle had written about fourteen names for him to kill.”When they contacted my uncle, he informed them that the names he had supplied to the Fetish Priest were really intended to soften their hearts—the priest was already serving an exile from the village due to an event that occurred around two years prior.

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He didn’t order him to murder anyone; all he asked was for them to alter their minds and put the matter behind them so the priest could return to the community and resume his job. He said, “They paid no attention to him at all, so the young people in the area got together, caught him right away, tied him up with ropes, stoned him, and in the end burned him with gasoline and old tyres from cars.”

He remarked that his uncle’s untimely death has crushed the family and vehemently demanded that justice be done.

It hurts. I haven’t been able to eat anything since I visited the location and saw my uncle’s bones since I witnessed dogs and birds consuming them. I feel terrible as a result. If this actually occurred, you should not be able to exploit the law anyway you see fit, which is why we need to prosecute those individuals. Everyone in the nation is required to follow the laws that are in place. He phoned, “so we are pleading with the state to prosecute them.”

Isaac Ansah, 60, has been transported to the mortuary for an autopsy, and his family is hoping that they will soon be able to bury him in peace.