Chef Smith’s arrest: The inside story [Video]

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Chef Smith, a challenger for the Guinness World Record, was taken into custody by military and law enforcement during a tumultuous scene at La Palm Royal Beach.

The event has garnered a lot of public attention, as revealed by Chef Smith’s manager Benny and musician Nana Boroo in an interview on Hit FM’s #HitzGallery.

The chaos started during Chef Smith’s press conference, where he was scheduled to reveal the results of his most recent cook-a-thon, in which his 820-hour endeavour was confirmed.

Eyewitnesses reported a dramatic turn of events as the entire building was locked down by law enforcement.

The arrest was facilitated by musician Nana Boroo, present at the scene, who claimed to be Chef Smith’s former team player.

He allegedly accused Chef Smith of breaching their contract and owing him money, which led to his arrest.

He alleged that following the cook-a-thon attempt, Chef Smith dropped him and other members of the team, contrary to prior agreement. Outstanding fee from his service was not paid.

The altercation escalated with the involvement of soldiers and police, who facilitated the arrest under Nana Boroo’s direction.

According to Chef Smith’s manager, Benny, Chef Smith has been detained at the La Police Station.

Benny also mentioned that Nana Boroo had requested a private conversation with Chef Smith in his car, which was disallowed for security reasons and reportedly played a part in the sequence of events leading to the arrest.
Watch video below:

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