Chef Smith was once a prophet—more details drops

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Chef Smith has been the buzz of the town these past two days. This comes after he staged his effort to set a record for the longest cooking session by a single person at the Guinness World Record.

He is now vulnerable to scrutiny and public mockery as a result of this action. After this prank that made him famous and helped him make ends meet, many have investigated his background to reveal his actual nature.
Many people who have spoken with Smith, interacted with him, or worked with him have only brought up the horrible things he has done and the unpleasant parts of his background.

A few days ago, a woman appeared on social media in a video and said that Chef Smith had slept with a woman he had identified as his niece while they were coworkers. In addition, she said that Chef Smith had affairs with married ladies in the lavatory, kitchen and other areas.

The woman in the video made a strong point about Chef Smith’s lack of character. Remember how she blogged about Smith at the beginning of the weeks-long grilling, saying he wasn’t a decent man?

She appears to be laughing the most right now and feels validated by her previous remarks.

It has come to light in the most recent exposé that Chef Smith formerly presented himself as a divine prophet. This kind of flyer has appeared online, and social media is talking about it already.

Chef Smith appears to have been a guest on a GTV programme that aired on February 12th, as seen on the now-viral flier.

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Chef Smith was the general overseer and prophet of the church at the time, based on his apparent status as a prophet from Fountaingate Chapel.

The flyer went viral on social media and sparked a lot of discussion, leading some people to wonder what Chef Smith’s real identity is. Look at the flyer that’s underneath.