He is a professional coach – Karim Zito backs Kwesi Appiah amid conflict of interest saga

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In response to criticism of Kwesi Appiah’s dual roles as coach and member of the Ghana Football Association’s (GFA) Executive Council (ExCo), Dreams FC coach Abdul Karim Zito has defended Appiah.

After the draw for the 2025 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) was revealed, Appiah, the former coach of the Ghana Black Stars, faced calls to resign from the ExCo because of possible conflicts of interest.

Niger, Angola, and Sudan are in Group F together with Ghana Zito defended Appiah in an interview with Graphic Sports, highlighting his professionalism and pleading for his freedom to carry out his responsibilities without hindrance.

“Kwesi Appiah is a topic of conversation, but I fail to understand the need for it. Are those in the ExCo not involved in clubs? Zito said, “Kwasi is a professional coach, and the ExCo does not pay him.

Zito emphasised that Appiah’s coaching position does not contradict with his duties as an ExCo member, particularly given that the ExCo does not pay him.

He mentioned that when Appiah stood for and was elected, the ExCo was aware of his coaching responsibilities.

Zito said, “The ExCo knew Kwasi was still coaching, but they still let him to run for office, which he won before he had this chance.

Zito also brought out the apparent inconsistency in the demands for Appiah’s resignation given that other members of the ExCo are involved in clubs. He urged Appiah to concentrate on his coaching responsibilities and stated his complete support for him to continue in both capacities.

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Zito acknowledged the competitive aspect of football and expressed faith in Appiah’s ability. He said that it would be a testimony to the sport if Sudan were to overcome Ghana in the qualifiers.

“I completely support Kwasi in my opinion. He needs to be silent and focus on his work. It’s okay if he can defeat us as well as if we can defeat him.

The 2025 AFCON qualifiers are scheduled to begin in September this year.