Lyrics from Sarkodie and D-Black were included in UG-Legon examinations.

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Exam questions for English Literature and Critical Discourse Studies at the University of Ghana’s (Legon) Department of English now incorporate lyrics from D-Black’s 2012 hit song “My Kinda Girl,” which features Sarkodie.

The project examines the song’s lyrics critically and is headed by senior lecturer at the institution Dr. Nancy Henaku.

Significant passages of the song, including well-known terms like “lawyer lady,” “nutty scientist,” and “Dada ba,” were paraphrased, summarised, and quoted in the end-of-semester test paperThis is the first time a hip-hop song from Ghana has been examined in a university, as modern Ghanaian hip-hop is incorporated into the academic curriculum.

This demonstrates how hip-hop is becoming more and more acknowledged as an essential element of contemporary literature.


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