The Cantonment Police Station is overrun with filth.

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Police station in Cantonment is engulfed in muck.

The state of grime at Cantonments Police

It was only two and a half months ago that a container was set up at the Ghana Police barracks under the police headquarters so that the inmates may dispose of their garbage there.

This container was meant to make trash collection at the barracks easier. The barracks are in the upscale Cantonments neighbourhood of Accra.

Sadly, the container broke down, so a Zoomlion vehicle had to come by quickly to pick up the growing amount of trash.

But the Zoomlion owners have also stopped offering their services because of monetary difficulties and car problems.

Consequently, the trash has been dispersed around the barracks floor, and none of the commanding officers have started a cleanup effort right once.

Each day, both senior and junior police officers walk by the police headquarters, which is located quite near to the barracks. These officials are aware of the situation, but they have done nothing about it.

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