There may soon be a scarcity of wood when 75 out of 100 local timber production businesses close.

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Due to the continuous forest damage brought on by bushfires, 75 out of 100 local lumber production enterprises have collapsed, putting Ghana at risk of spending millions of cedis on imported timber.

Industry insiders caution that the 25 surviving businesses in the Western North, Eastern, and Central Regions may shut as a result of their inability to get raw materials.

In an interview with Citi Business News, Dr. Kwame Asamoah Adam, the chief executive officer of the Ghana Timber Millers Organisation, voiced similar worries.

According to the figures, the majority of medium-sized and large-sized businesses have now failed. Thus, of the approximately 100 enterprises that existed earlier, just around 25 remain now that are profitable, operational, exporting, and creating jobs, the speaker said.

“Now, the amount of materials that are coming in, in terms of round logs, has decreased from roughly 1.2 million m³ roughly 20 years ago to just about 500,000 million right now,” he continued. The primary cause of the decrease in raw resources is the industrial regions.

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